Jan 25

Chitika Ads Network Review

Traffic monetization with chitika is one of the most rewarding venture a blogger can make. For many bloggers, chitika is one of the highest paying advertisement programme as they show very targeted advertisement like Google AdSense.


Chitika allows the website owners to monetize their web traffic no matter the size of the website or the volume of their traffic.

As a publisher; you have instant access to a free account, your choice of ad type, a low threshold ($50), smart technology and RTB platform.

It is equally good to know that Chitika Ads can be used together with google AdSense, statics report of your website performance is given regularly within minutes.

Monetize your web traffic with chitika and earn revenue with their Smart Technology and Real Time Budding (RTB) platform. Displaying chitika ads on your website puts you in front of advertisers computing for your traffic and when Multiple Advertisers compete for your traffic; You Win!

Chitika have I3+ years of on-time payments to their publishers! Since November 2004, Chitika has a perfect history of on-=time payments

If you are yet to start making money with Chitika, register here and start earning

  • Chitika has network of 350,000 + quality publisher
  • About four billion strategically targeted ads served per month
  • Access to top tier advertising partner like Yahoo! Super media and home advisor
  • Proprietary targeting and optimization technology that leverage the power of programmatic buying to serve precisely the right ad at the right time

Payment; pioneer is the default payment methods. This is good because pioneer allows you to get your funds quickly securely and at reduced cost, you can even withdraw from pioneer to your local currency.

You can register for pioneer fee account here

Referral Program

There is an opportunity to earn extra money through referral programme. For every person you refer, you will earn 10% of what they will earn for ten months

Application Approval

The approval process is fast, in fact my site was approved instantly, once you meet their term of service and your site comply with their program guideline


Some FAQs about chitika;

  • Minimum payout is $50 by pioneer
  • Can you use chitika with adsence? Yes.

Pros of chitika programs

  • Low eligibility criteria
  • Minimum payout is low
  • Works for all the niche types
  • Different ad options including mobile types


  • Shows ad mostly on traffic from search engine
  • Less PPC in comparison to Adsence


Overall chitika is decent ad network which you can use and try on your blog, there are bloggers who are earning over $1000 from this ad network monthly and it might work great for you too.

If you are yet to be making money with Chitika simply register for free here

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